Worship 1st

Stay in Love

March 15, 2022 First United Methodist Church Tech Team Season 3 Episode 9
Worship 1st
Stay in Love
Show Notes


We have had quite a soundtrack this month -- as we explored the theme: This Is How We Know What Love Is.  Last, but not least, Jesus says: Let’s Stay Together -- in times of chaos, from coronavirus to corrupt leadership. No – we’re not called to love the harmful actions of others, but we are called to continue to operate in God’s love.  Or, as Jesus taught: remain in my love, abide in me and I will abide in you

"Stay in Love"  - Rev. Eleanor Colvin

John 15: 9-17

Bulletin flipbook: View https://pubhtml5.com/homepage/ymvq

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Episode participants: Praise Team, Matthew Douglas, Stephanie Jones, Crystal Carter, Rev. Eleanor Colvin

Producers: Christina Jones, Crystal Carter

For more information contact Rev. Eleanor Colvin, Pastor at pastor@1stcollegestation.org