Worship 1st

Keep Running!

November 26, 2021 First United Methodist Church Tech Team Season 2 Episode 45
Worship 1st
Keep Running!
Show Notes

The race is not given to the swift or to the strong, but to the one who endures until the end. We can endure because we have a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on. These witnesses testify of God’s steadfast love from generation to generation. These witness confirm that our Savior truly is The Good Shepherd.

"Keep Running!"  - Rev. Eleanor Colvin

Hebrews 12:1-3 and Psalm 23: 1-3

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Episode participants: Praise Team, Matthew Douglas, Stephanie Jones, Crystal Carter, and Rev. Eleanor Colvin

Producers: Christina Jones, Crystal Carter

For more information contact Rev. Eleanor Colvin, Pastor at pastor@1stcollegestation.org