Worship 1st

Nothing Less!

December 12, 2021 First United Methodist Church Tech Team Season 2 Episode 48
Worship 1st
Nothing Less!
Show Notes


The Good Shepherd prepares a lavish spread of everything He knows we need and all that's expected of us -- is to come. The blessings are endless! We're covered with the anointing oil. Our cups overflow! There is more than enough; for you, for me, for anyone who'll join the Shepherd at the table. Even in a season that brought pandemic and isolation, can you trust that our cups are still overflowing? How will you respond to your invitation to come to the table? The Good Shepherd deserves our RSVP -- and nothing less.

"Nothing Less!"  - Ms. Wendi Peterson

Psalm 23: 5-6

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Episode participants: Praise Team, Matthew Douglas, Stephanie Jones, Ms. Wendi Peterson, Crystal Carter, and Rev. Eleanor Colvin

Producers: Christina Jones, Crystal Carter

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