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What Will You Say When Sent?

December 12, 2021 First United Methodist Church Tech Team Season 2 Episode 49
Worship 1st
What Will You Say When Sent?
Show Notes


John the Baptist was sent into a world that was longing for change to prepare the way of the Lord. Even today, there are so many people who need a word from God. So many folks – that God sends each and every one of us to speak a word of hope and encouragement; a word of light and direction – a word of justice and truth. There is no question that you are being sent. The only question is: What will you say when sent? 

"What Will You Say When Sent?"  - Rev. Eleanor Colvin

Malachi 3: 1-4 and Luke 3: 1-6

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Episode participants: Praise Team, Matthew Douglas, Stephanie Jones, Crystal Carter, and Rev. Eleanor Colvin

Producers: Christina Jones, Crystal Carter

For more information contact Rev. Eleanor Colvin, Pastor at pastor@1stcollegestation.org